Do you ever feel like you’re never good enough.? Like no matter how much you try to fix anything, do anything, fight for anything you just wont be good enough no matter what the fuck you do.? it really fucking sucks when you do everything and anything for the one you love and you get nothing but shit in return…When you get bitched at when you try your hardest on trying to make that one special person smile…Even when you guys aren’t together or anything…You still try your hardest and you get nothing but S H I T.! It really sucks that i go out of my way because I WANT to just help the person I’m “in love” with, and I get nothing but attitude and shit.! If she saw everything I did for her she would understand. If she heard every tear that fell on the floor she would understand. If she listened to every heart beat she would understand. She would understand how much I wanted to take care of her…She would understand how much it hurt me when she would argue with me about anything and say things to hurt my feelings…She would understand how much I love her. I gave my all to this girl and it just all went to shit. She’s in love with another…so fast…like 11 months didn’t mean anything. I wanted a future with this girl. I wanted her to be mine and just mine. I wanted to give her the world. I wanted her…But now there’s just me. Me, myself, and I…Just like it had been…

2 months ago
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